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Aroma Science

Carving & Furniture of Sandalwood

The sandalwood tree’s heartwood has been used in each of its native regions to produce religious carvings and musical instruments, as well as more practical objects, such as canoe paddles (Hawaii) or letter openers (India). Since the sandalwood tree’s heartwood is fragrant, hard, heavy, durable, and slightly oily, it is excellent for intricate carvings and other woodworking. (Kumar, Joshi, Ram, article, 2012). According to woodworking standards, sandalwood, especially S. album, produces timber with many qualities which make it excellent for woodworking: the sandalwood’s cutting resistance is low and it is reported to saw easily; it planes with little difficulty and produces “smooth, satiny surfaces”; and the high oil content helps produce “a satiny smooth and slightly lustrous surface in polishing operations” (Woodworkers Source, 2013).