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Aroma Science

Flavoring Using Sandalwood

Sandalwood oil is also often used as a flavoring and is listed as a safe natural flavoring ingredient by the Flavor Extract Manufacturer’s Association as well as several other government agencies (ViroXis, source, 2012). There are several brands of sandalwood syrup throughout India and Asia, and these are often used as a sugary flavoring in drinks or ingested on their own. Sandalwood syrup is thought to be a healthy tonic for the heart and liver (Qarshi, source).

The sandalwood tree also produces an edible nut, which has a unique flavor similar to an almond or a hazelnut when roasted (Clun, source, 2014).  An excellent Australian recipe can be found in National Geographic for the sandalwood nut, along with yogurt, honey and mango: source.