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Ananda sources fine essential oils straight from nature to you.

Our products are used around the world and respected by aromatherapists for their efficacy and purity. We sell direct to our customers for maximum freshness, affordability, and quality.

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Ever wished for boundless energy, joyful vitality or effortless longevity?

Want to holistically reclaim your health and finally feel good again? You’re not alone. Mother Nature has created a guidebook to help you accomplish all this and more.

Enjoy vibrant health – wake up day after day excited about life again.

A whole new world of possibilities is open to you. Nourish your body with safe and effective natural products. Become a radiant example of glowing health and inspire your friends and family.

Every Ananda product is 100% pure and contains no fillers, additives, preservatives, or pesticides. We view our oils and extracts as perfect gifts from nature.

Therapeutic grade

Every product we make is designed for both professional and home use. They are pure, concentrated and potent to ensure safety and efficacy.

Direct to consumer

We sell directly to our customers for maximum affordability without sacrificing potency or freshness.

Support and training

Our team is here for you through every step of your wellness journey. We’ve created training guides, videos, and tutorials about how to use our products to enhance your life. And it’s all available free of charge.

Artisan Distillation

We work directly with artisans from around the world to source each and every oil. Every variety of plant is cultivated in its ideal growing regions. Then the essence of each plant is carefully drawn out and sustained through distillation.

The Ananda Apothecary
Established in Boulder, Colorado, 2004

Boulder is special. It is the birthplace of countless organic companies and products, a leader in eco-consciousness, and a widespread community of nature lovers. This is why we call it home.

Our mission at Ananda is to help each and every being in the world live their bliss.

We accomplish this by making the powerful remedies of Mother Nature available, affordable, and practical. Wellness should be pure and effective – just the the way nature intended. Nothing brings us deeper joy than receiving success stories from our clients. Whether they are waking up happy, loving their bodies, or pursuing their passions again, we are grateful for the impact we have had.

Anita Lopez

Owner of Ananda Apothecary

Discover how to enhance your life with Mother Nature’s remedies

We’ve got the blueprints for health, beauty, spirituality, and more..

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